What is Reflective Counselling and Coaching?

Reflective Counselling provides time and space to calm our bodies, soothe our emotions and reflect on our thoughts related to a transition, a situation, a problem or a decision we need to make. It enables us to stand back from our lives and give ourselves time to question our assumptions, acknowledge our values and develop our own philosophical position. When we understand and acknowledge our personal philosophy, we act with an awareness of our values, enhancing and enriching our lives – “we live the good life”. We do this knowing that we are physical beings with rich emotions, thoughts and behaviours that make us unique.

What is the coaching phase?

A customized approach to integrate new insights and skills discovered during counselling. Throughout our lives we learn new skills and acquire considerable knowledge. The real key is being able to integrate all this diverse information into our daily lives. Coaching insures that we do not miss out on the benefits of our hard work.

In what way is Reflective Counselling different?

Reflective Counselling does not make promises that cannot be kept; it is not a five step process to redemption. It is not a one-size-fits-all program. It is a calm, customized, contemplative and integrated approach that recognizes the uniqueness of each individual living within a shared society, culture and environment. The emphasis is on the present and the future rather than an exclusive focus on the past.

Reflective Counselling recognizes that the uncertainty of life can lead to “existential angst,” which a person may not even be aware of. Exploring these issues is vital for profound change to occur. The process emphasizes the foundational role of understanding what we see as the purpose of our lives and how we create a meaningful daily life.


When should a person consult with a counsellor?
If you are worried or concerned about any aspect of life, counselling can help. Some specific areas are:
– transition and change:
– aging well
– improving health
– losing weight
– surviving stress
– understanding the meaning of life